Getting Yourself a Blog – Part 1

Get Yourself a Blog


I have been lucky enough to be tasked to create a blog using WordPress and the Thesis 1.5.1 theme.

Themes, in case you are new to blogging, are merely templates, upon which you can base your individual blog site. There are tons to choose from, with varying levels of flexibility. Just go out there and Google “WordPress themes” and see what you get.

The format of blogs is usually either a 2 or 3 column page with a main body and one or two sidebars. As you can see, I have chosen a 3 columnm blog with the main body in the middle and sidebars on either side. This is just my personal preference. With the Thesis 1.5.1 theme (which I highly, HIGHLY recommend, it is the best I’ve seen so far…), you can easily work with 3 columns and change them to suit your needs.

So far I have been to a number of hosting services for my clients and all of them already have the mechanism to install WordpPress in place, which makes it a lot easier to get yourself set up.

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